I set up rainbow images through the Prince’s trust because my Cerebral Palsy excludes me from doing most, if not all mainstream jobs. I wanted to use what I see as my main talent and gift from God, my photography. At first I only had a set of 4 cards which I sold door to door. Now I have been able to expand my range and develop a rather nice website. It gives me a real buzz to see my work sold on the web and realise that all sorts of people are enjoying my work!

I live in Wales now, a beautiful country, my favourite subject is sunsets over water but I have fallen in love with Wales and I do hope it shows in my work. Of course the other thing that really satisfies me is the fact that when looking at my pictures I don’t think anyone would ever guess I have Cerebral Palsy. People on doorsteps are often amazed when I explain that I very rarely, if ever use a tripod, when I get a camera in my hands something happens and for some reason I am as steady as a rock, the only time!!

As we go into September, Christmas looms, my favourite time of year. I can talk about “churchy” things more while doing my work. Most of us give a gift at Christmas, maybe for tradition sake or maybe we believe in the true meaning of the season. Here at the website you will get some ideas for those special unique gifts for the ones you love.